how to begin at seo and sex

If there is one thing in this whole wide world that I consider myself to be good at and know quite a lot about, it is definitely sex. Sex, a delightful and fantastic pastime that can be so great and so much fun if we happen to find the right circumstances. The right partner, the right situation – and last but not least: the right position 😉
Without sex there would be no life. And life would not be worth living without sex in it. This blog aims at providing fun-to-read blogs about sex and seo by combining, comparing and contrasting both activities.


Seo is the well-known term that many online marketeers and seo’experts’ throw around in the whirley world of online media. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and basically means nothing less than various methods to help you get the best search results on search engines like Google. The aim goal is to score as high as possible on the keywords (the words used for a search, let’s say ‘hot women boobies’) on the search results page (also known as the SERP). The online marketing business loves abbreviations to make the whole branche even less see-through, a great trick used by academics for many centuries. But let’s return to the results page, the first thing you see after hitting that ‘Googlesearch’ button. Which link are you most likely to click? Well, apart from rare breeds, most people go for the first couple of links that they see on the first page. We are an impatient breed, especially when behind a computer. Logically, this is an important aim for all websites out there. If you’re a company selling catflaps, it is very important to rank as high as possible for the keyword ‘catflap’, so that the potential customer can find you. Generally speaking, more than 80% of all internet traffic comes to a website through the means of a search engine. Ranking properly is the difference between being a success and a seller or an unfindable black hole.

The Virgin of SEO

Let’s call me a virgin at SEO. I am impatient, curious and hot and bothered about the whole thing. I want to do it, I want to experience these exciting feelings, but I am not really sure where to begin. Let’s go on this palpitating journey of seo-eroticism together. Uncover one layer of clothing, slowly, as time progesses. So that in the end, I may be the hottest thing out there, in bed and in SEO.